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Albanien Vs Rumänien

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Albanien Vs Rumänien Video

Durrës, Albania Albanien Vs RumГ¤nien

Albanien Vs Rumänien Video

MOST beautiful city in Albania? Gjirokastër

Erjon Bogdani Elbasan Arena. Albanien 2—3 Jugoslavien Tirana , Albanien ; 7. Gruppespillet, Lorik Cana [7]. Altin Lala [7].

Klodian Duro [7]. Ervin Skela [7]. Foto Strakosha [7]. Erjon Bogdani. Igli Tare [7]. Alban Bushi [7]. Altin Haxhi. Altin Rraklli [7]. Ansi Agolli.

Alban Bushi. Ervin Skela. Altin Rraklli. Hamdi Salihi. Sokol Kushta. Igli Tare. Adrian Aliaj. Qamil Teliti. Bledar Kola. Klodian Duro. Edmond Kapllani.

Armando Sadiku. Orges Shehi. Alban Hoxha. Partizani Tirana. Thomas Strakosha. The issue surrounding the origin of the Albanian people has been long debated by historians and linguists for centuries.

Many scholars consider the Albanians, in terms of linguistic evidences, the descendant population of ancient populations of the Balkan Peninsula , either the Illyrians , Thracians or another Paleo-Balkan group.

Finally the Principality was dissolved in Around the two main centers of Albanian settlements, one around Devoll river in what is now central Albania, [] and the other around the region which was known with the name Arbanon.

A Byzantine counteroffensive soon ensued, which drove the Angevins out of the interior by The kingdom however held out until , when the city was captured by Karl Thopia.

Those who were not Catholic in Central and North Albania converted and a great number of Albanian clerics and monks were present in the Dalmatian Catholic institutions.

The history of Albanian presence in Croatia can be traced back to the Middle Ages [ vague ]. In the 14th century a number of Albanian principalities were created.

At the beginning of the 15th century these principalities became stronger, especially because of the fall of the Serbian Empire.

Some of these principalities were united in under the military alliance called League of Lezha. Albanians were recruited all over Europe as a light cavalry known as stratioti.

The stratioti were pioneers of light cavalry tactics during the 15th century. In the early 16th century heavy cavalry in the European armies was principally remodeled after Albanian stradioti of the Venetian army, Hungarian hussars and German mercenary cavalry units Schwarzreitern.

Prior to the Ottoman conquest of Albania , the political situation of the Albanian people was characterised by a fragmented conglomeration of scattered kingdoms and principalities such as the Principalities of Arbanon , Kastrioti and Thopia.

However, after the fall of Constantinople , the Ottoman Empire continued an extended period of conquest and expansion with its borders going deep into the Southeast Europe.

As a consequence thousands of Albanians from Albania , Epirus and Peloponnese escaped to Western Europe, particularly to Calabria , Naples , Ragusa and Sicily , whereby others sought protection at the often inaccessible Mountains of Albania.

Skanderbeg managed to gather several of the Albanian principals, amongst them the Arianitis , Dukagjinis , Zaharias and Thopias , and establish a centralised authority over most of the non-conquered territories instantly becoming the Lord of Albania.

Skanderbeg consistently pursued the aim relentlessly but rather unsuccessfully to create a European coalition against the Ottomans.

He defeated every attempt by the Ottomans to regain Albania which they envisioned as a springboard for the invasion of Italy and Western Europe.

His unequal fight against them won the esteem of Europe also among others financial and military aid from the Papacy and Naples , Venice and Ragusa.

The Albanians, predominantly a Christian people, were considered as an inferior class of people and as such they were subjected to heavy taxes such as the Devshirme system that allowed the Sultan to collect a requisite percentage of Christian adolescents from the Balkans and elsewhere to compose the Janissary.

They were therefore to be found within the imperial services as vital military and administrative retainers from Egypt to Algeria and the rest of Maghreb.

In the late 18th century, Ali Pasha Tepelena created the autonomous region of the Pashalik of Yanina within the Ottoman Empire which was never recognised as such by the High Porte.

The territory he properly governed incorporated most of southern Albania , Epirus , Thessaly and southwestern Macedonia.

During his rule, the town of Janina blossomed into a cultural, political and economic hub for both Albanians and Greeks. The ultimate goal of Ali Pasha Tepelena seems to have been the establishment of an independent rule in Albania and Epirus.

His relations with the High Porte were always tense though he developed and maintained relations with the British , French and Russian people and formed an alliance with them through various times.

Islam arrived in the lands of the Albanian people gradually and became primarily widespread at least from the 17th century up till the 18th century.

With the advent of increasing suppression on Catholicism , the Ottomans initially focused their conversion campaigns on the Catholic Albanians of the north in the 17th century and followed suit in the 18th century on the Orthodox Albanians of the south.

The motives for conversion to Islam are subject to differing interpretations according to scholars depending on the context though the lack of sources does not help when investigating such issues.

The Albanian Renaissance characterised a period wherein the Albanian people gathered both spiritual and intellectual strength to establish their rights for an independent political and social life, culture and education.

By the late 18th century and the early 19th century, its foundation arose within the Albanian communities in Italy and Romania and was frequently linked to the influences of the Romanticism and Enlightenment principles.

Albania was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for almost five centuries and the Ottoman authorities suppressed any expression of unity or national conscience by the Albanian people.

The Albanians had poor or often no schools or other institutions in place to protect and preserve their cultural heritage. The need for schools was preached initially by the increasing number of Albanians educated abroad.

The Turkish yoke had become fixed in the nationalist mythologies and psyches of the people in the Balkans , and their march toward independence quickened.

Due to the more substantial of Islamic influence, the Albanians internal social divisions, and the fear that they would lose their Albanian territories to the emerging neighbouring states, Serbia , Montenegro , Bulgaria and Greece , were among the last peoples in the Balkans to desire division from the Ottoman Empire.

The national awakening as a coherent political movement emerged after the Treaty of San Stefano , according to which Albanian-inhabited territories were to be ceded to the neighbouring states, and focused on preventing that partition.

Enver Hoxha of the Party of Labour took immediate and forceful measures for the total power over the nation state of the Albanian people, Albania in As the regimes strength began to increase, Enver Hoxha established an alliance with the Eastern Bloc which provided Albania with many advantages in the form of economic assistance and military protection from the Western Bloc during the Cold War.

The Albanians experienced a period of several beneficial political and economic changes. The government defended the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Albania, diversified the economy through a programme of industrialisation which led to a higher standard of living and followed improvements in areas such as health, education and infrastructure.

It subsequently followed a period wherein the Albanians lived within an extreme isolation from the rest of the world for the next four decades.

By , the established government had officially proclaimed Albania to be the first atheistic state in the world as they beforehand confiscated churches , monasteries and mosques, and any religious expression instantly became grounds for imprisonment.

Finally as the communism came to a violent end in , both internal and large external migration waves of Albanians, in such countries as Greece and Italy, has taken place on a massive scale over the forthcoming years in Albania.

The bunkerisation is arguably the most visible and memorable legacy of the communism in Albania. Nearly However, they were abandoned after the breakup of communism and have been sometimes reused for a variety of purposes.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on 17 February , after years of strained relations between the Serb and predominantly Albanian population of Kosovo.

It has been officially recognised by Australia, Canada, the United States and major European Union countries, while Serbia and its ally Russia refuse to recognise Kosovo's sovereignty.

The overwhelming majority of Kosovo's population is ethnically Albanian with nearly 1. After being an integral section of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia , Kosovo including its Albanian population went through a period of discrimination, economic and political persecution.

In , tensions between the Albanian and Serb population of Kosovo simmered and erupted into major violence and discrimination culminating into the humanitarian tragedy of the Kosovo War.

The conflict led to the displacement of hundred thousands of Albanians to the neighboring countries and Europe.

Serbian paramilitary forces committed war crimes in Kosovo, although the government of Serbia claims that the army was only going after suspected Albanian terrorists.

The NATO launched a day air campaign in to halt the humanitarian catastrophe that was then unfolding in Kosovo and finally concluded the ended the war.

Approximately 5 million Albanians are geographically distributed across the Balkan Peninsula with about half this number living in Albania , Kosovo , North Macedonia and Montenegro as well as to a more lesser extent in Croatia and Serbia.

There are also significant Albanian populations in Greece while much smaller communities are available in nearby Bulgaria and Romania.

In Montenegro , the Albanian population is currently estimated to be around In North Macedonia , there are more than approximately In Croatia , the number of Albanians stands at approximately In Serbia , the Albanians are an officially recognised ethnic minority group with a population of around In Romania , the number of Albanians is unofficially estimated from to They are recognised as an ethnic minority group and are respectively represented in Parliament of Romania.

Approximately 1. They are geographically distributed south of the municipality of North Mitrovica and constitute the overall majority ethnic group of the territory.

The Italian Peninsula across the Adriatic Sea has attracted the Albanian people for more than half a millennium often due to the immediate proximity and the consideration as the primary gateway to Western Europe.

Albanians in Italy were those who later became important in establishing the fundamentals of the Albanian Renaissance and maintaining the Albanian culture.

Today, the Albanian people constitute one of the largest ethnolinguistic minority groups of Italy and their status are protected by law.

Their migration stems from severe political and social oppression during decades of isolation from the outside world under the communist regime led by Enver Hoxha.

Between and , the number of Albanians regularly residing in Italy was numbered to be around , and , An estimated ,—, Includes dual citizens, temporary migrants, and undocumented Albanians live in Greece , forming the largest immigrant community in the country.

The Arvanites and Albanian-speakers of Western Thrace are a group descended from Tosks who migrated to southern and central Greece between the 13th and 16th centuries.

The Cham Albanians were a group that formerly inhabited a region of Epirus known as Chameria , nowadays Thesprotia in northwestern Greece.

Many Cham Albanians converted to Islam during the Ottoman era. Muslim Chams were expelled from Greece during World War II , by an anti-communist resistance group , as a result of their participation in a communist resistance group and the collaboration with the Axis occupation , while Orthodox Chams have largely assimilated into the Greek nation.

During the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries, the conflicts in the Balkans and the Kosovo War set in motion large population movements of Albanians to Central , Western and Northern Europe.

In Western Europe , the Albanian population of approximately 10, people living in the Benelux countries is in comparison to other regions relatively limited.

There are more than 6, Albanian people living in Belgium and 2, in the nearby Netherlands. The most lesser number of Albanian people in the Benelux region is to be found in Luxembourg with a population of 2, Within Northern Europe, Sweden possesses the most sizeable population of Albanians in Scandinavia however there is no exact answer to their number in the country.

The populations also tend to be lower in Norway , Finland and Denmark with more than 18,, 10, and 8, Albanians respectively. The Albanian diaspora in Africa and Asia, in such countries as Egypt , Syria or Turkey , was predominantly formed during the Ottoman period through economic migration and early years of the Republic of Turkey through migration due to sociopolitical discrimination and violence experienced by Albanians in Balkans.

In Turkey , the exact numbers of the Albanian population of the country are difficult to correctly estimate. According to a report, there were approximately 1.

In Egypt there are 18, Albanians, mostly Tosk speakers. The first Albanian migration to North America began in the 19th and 20th centuries not long after gaining independence from the Ottoman Empire.

Since then several Albanian migration waves have occurred throughout the 20th century as for instance after the Second World War with Albanians mostly from Yugoslavia rather than from Communist Albania , then after the Breakup of Communist Albania in and finally following the Kosovo War in The most sizeable Albanian population in the Americas is predominantly to be found in the United States.

As of , there are approximately In Canada, there are more than approximately Albanian immigration to Australia took place in the late 19th century and much of the 20th century.

The majority of them had Muslim and Orthodox backgrounds and tended to live in Victoria and Queensland but also in Western and Northern Australia.

Italy's annexation of Albania and its alliance with Nazi Germany against the allies marked a difficult time for Albanian and Italian Australians as they were thought by Australian authorities to pose a fascist threat.

However, the number of Albanian immigrants slowed consequently during that time but also due to immigration restrictions placed by the communist regime in Albania.

The most recent Albanian immigrants came mostly from Kosovo and the former Yugoslavian countries inclusively North Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro.

The immigrants were mostly Muslims but also Orthodox and Catholics among them the relatives of the renowned Albanian nun and missionary Mother Teresa.

In , approximately 4, persons resident in Australia identified themselves as having been born in Albania , while 15, persons identified themselves as having Albanian ancestry, either alone or in combination with another ancestry.

The traditional cuisine of the Albanians is diverse and has been greatly influenced by their traditions, their varied environment in the Balkans and their turbulent history throughout the course of the centuries.

Albanian cuisine is different from region to another and each Albanian speaking territory preserves a distinctive regional cuisine characterised by local specialties and different styles within the Albanian cuisine.

Among the essential characteristics in Albanian cuisine is undoubtedly the generous use of a wide range of ingredients and spices specific to their locations.

It includes many varieties of fruits such as lemons , oranges, figs and olives. Spices and other herbs such as basil , lavender , mint , oregano , rosemary and thyme are also used, as are vegetables such as garlics, onions, peppers , potatoes and tomatoes.

The Albanian diet, for those Albanians who lives closer to the sea and lakes, are able to complement their diet with fresh and saltwater fish, shellfish and other seafood specialities from the Mediterranean Sea and Ohrid Lake.

Otherwise, lamb is often considered as the traditional meat for different religious festivals and poultry, beef and pork are also in plentiful supply.

Also famous is Flia consisting of multiple crepe-like layers brushed with crea. Petulla, a traditionally fried dough, and Krofne, similar to Berliner , constitute as well a popular speciality in Albanian cuisine.

The earliest preserved relics of visual arts of the Albanian people are sacred in nature and represented by numerous frescoes , murals and icons which has been created with an admirable use of color and gold.

They reveal a wealth of various influences and traditions that converged in the historical lands of the Albanian people throughout the course of the centuries.

The rise of the Byzantines and Ottomans during the Middle Ages was accompanied by a corresponding growth in Christian and Islamic art in the historical lands of the Albanian people often apparent in examples of architecture and mosaics throughout Albania.

In Greece, Eleni Boukouras is noted as being the first great female painter of post independence Greece.

The collection of The Kulla, a traditional Albanian dwelling constructed completely from natural materialsis, is a cultural relic from the medieval period particularly widespread in the southwestern region of Kosovo and northern region of Albania.

The rectangular shape of a Kulla is produced with irregular stone ashlars, river pebbles and chestnut woods however, the size and number of floors resulted in each case from the size of the family and their financial resources.

The roots of literature of the Albanian people can be traced to the Middle Ages with surviving works about history, theology and philosophy dating from the Renaissance.

Notable among them was figures such as Demetrio Camarda , Gabriele Dara , Girolamo de Rada , Giulio Variboba and Giuseppe Serembe who produced inspiring nationalist literature and worked to systematise the Albanian language.

The Bejtexhinj in the 18th century emerged as the result of the influences of Islam and particularly Sufism orders moving towards Orientalism. The Albanian Renaissance in the 19th century is remarkable both for its valuable poetic achievement and for its variety within the Albanian literature.

It drew on the ideas of Romanticism and Enlightenment characterised by its emphasis on emotion and individualism as well as the interaction between nature and mankind.

The 20th century was centred on the principles of Modernism and Realism and characterised by the development to a more distinctive and expressive form of Albanian literature.

Albania, post World War Two emerged as a communist state and Socialist realism became part of the literary scene.

The Albanian people have incorporated various natural materials from their local agriculture and livestock as a vital source for attire , clothing and fabrics.

Their traditional apparel was primarily influenced by nature , the way of life and has been continuously changed since ancient times.

The traditional costume of Albanian men includes a white skirt garment called Fustanella , a white shirt with wide sleeves , and a thin black jacket or vest, such as the Xhamadan or Xhurdia.

In winter, they add a warm woolen coat or fur coat known as Flokata or Dollama made from sheepskin or goat fur. Another authentic piece is called Tirq which is a tight pair of felt trousers mostly white, sometimes dark brown or black.

The Albanian women's costumes are much more complicated, more colorful, richer in ornamentation and elaborate than that costume of the Albanian men.

In all the Albanian regions the women's clothing often has been decorated with filigree ironwork , colorful embroidery, a lot of symbols and vivid accessories.

A unique and ancient dress is called Xhubleta , a bell shaped skirt reaching down to the calves and worn from the shoulders with two shoulder straps at the upper part.

The traditional Albanian headdresses remain a contrasting and recognisable feature of Albanian traditional clothing. Albanian men traditionally wore hats of various designs, shape and size.

Wealthy Albanian women wore headdresses embellished with gems, gold or silver. Different traditional handmade shoes and socks were worn by the Albanian people.

For the Albanian people, music is a vital component to their culture and characterised by its own peculiar features and diverse melodic pattern reflecting the history , language and way of life.

Hence, their geographic position in Southeast Europe in combination with cultural, political and social issues is frequently expressed through music along with the accompanying instruments and dances.

Albanian folk music is contrasted by the heroic tone of the Ghegs and the relaxed sounds of the Tosks. In international competitions, Albania participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in Albanians have also represented other countries in the contest as for instance Anna Oxa for Italy in , Adrian Gaxha for Macedonia in as well as Ermal Meta for Italy in Kosovo has never participated but is currently applying to become a member of the EBU and therefore debut in the contest.

Many different spiritual traditions, religious faiths and beliefs are practised by the Albanian people who historically have succeeded to coexist peacefully over the centuries in Southeast Europe.

In the medieval era , prior to the arrival of Islam into the Albanian inhabited lands, Christianity was the predominant religion among the Albanians.

They were mostly following Orthodox traditions and practices until the middle of the 13th century as Gheg Albanians began to convert to Catholicism as a mean to resist the oppression of the Slavs.

During the modern era , the monarchy and communism in Albania as well as the socialism in Kosovo, historically part of Yugoslavia , followed a systematic secularisation of its people.

This policy was chiefly applied within the borders of both territories and produced a secular majority of its population. All forms of Christianity, Islam and other religious practices were prohibited except for old non-institutional pagan practices in the rural areas, which were seen as identifying with the national culture.

It is a national holiday. The communist regime which ruled Albania after World War II persecuted and suppressed religious observance and institutions, and entirely banned religion to the point where Albania was officially declared to be the world's first atheist state.

Religious freedom returned to Albania following the regime's change in Albanian Sunni Muslims are found throughout the country, Albanian Orthodox Christians as well as Bektashis are concentrated in the south, while Roman Catholics are found primarily in the north of the country.

In Albania, Christianity is practiced by The remaining population is either irreligious or belongs to other religious groups.

For part of its history, Albania has also had a Jewish community. Members of the Jewish community were saved by a group of Albanians during the Nazi occupation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the ethnic group. For other uses, see Demographics of Albania. Peoples and societies. Religion and mythology.

Indo-European studies. Scholars Marija Gimbutas J. See also: Names of the Albanians and Albania. Further information: Albania toponym and Shqiptar.

See also: Origin of the Albanians. Main article: Albanian language. See also: Albanian dialects. Further information: Proto-Albanian language.

Main article: Albania under the Byzantine Empire. See also: Albanian principalities. The Principality of Arbanon in as part of the Despotate of Epirus.

Kingdom of Albania in —, established by Charles of Naples. Princedom of Albania — Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg led a successful resistance to Ottoman expansion into Europe for 25 years.

Main article: Islamisation of Albania. Main article: Albanian Renaissance. See also: Independence of Albania. Further information: League of Prizren.

Main article: Communism in Albania. See also: Fall of communism in Albania. Further information: Bunkers in Albania.

Main article: Independence of Kosovo. See also: Kosovo War. See also: Albanians in Italy. See also: Albanian communities in Greece. Further information: Arvanites and Chams.

Main article: Albanian diaspora. See also: Albanians in Egypt , Syria , and Turkey. Köprülü Mehmed Pasha. Muhammad Ali of Egypt. See also: Kosovo-Albanians in Australia.

Further information: Albanians in South America. Main article: Albanian culture. Main article: Albanian cuisine.

Main article: Albanian art. Main article: Albanian literature. Main article: Albanian clothing. See also: Cham clothing and Kosovan clothing.

Main article: Albanian music. See also: Traditional music in Kosovo. Main articles: Religion in Albania and Kosovo.

Society portal. The Republic of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence on 17 February , but Serbia continues to claim it as part of its own sovereign territory.

The two governments began to normalise relations in , as part of the Brussels Agreement. Kosovo is currently recognized as an independent state by 97 out of the United Nations member states.

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Egypt also lays claim to some 18, Albanians, supposedly lingering remnants of Mohammad Ali's army. Archived from the original PDF on 27 September State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia.

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Archived from the original on 25 April Retrieved 13 January

Albanian folk music is a Spiele Barbary Coast - Video Slots Online part of the national identity, and continues to play a major part in overall Albanian music. State Department. Further information: Albania toponym and Shqiptar. Ansi Agolli. Albanians Arnaout Syria. Archived from the original PDF on 8 Harzburger Expeditions were constantly sent completely from Archangel to various points with supplies of food, clothing, and medicaments.

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